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Brighton 10k

This Sunday I ran the Brighton 10k in a time of 42:44. I had been hoping to run it in around 40 minutes but I made three important miscalculations!

Firstly, I had for some reason decided that 10k is the same as 6 miles and I have been training at 6 mile distances for ages. Consequently the splits and times in my head were all based on 6 miles.

Secondly, I failed to eat or drink enough prior to the run, despite my wife suggesting I do so, and finally, I went off far too quickly and was totally shattered by 3 miles. That said I did break my 3 mile personal best by 12 seconds passing that point in 19:44. My best at parkrun is 19:56. Having said THAT, parkrun is over 5k not 3 miles!!

So, a little disappointed in the result. So today I attempted to beat my 10k time by eating food, running slower over the first half of the run and imagining 10k in my head rather than 6 miles! Of course as with all these things in life, I finished over a minute behind Sunday’s time! Ah well.

Brighton Half Marathon next in February 2012.

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