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Many people have Sunday as a lazy stay at home day, but there’s nothing for me to stay at home for. I decide I can’t sit moping about all day and so I get up and go for a run!! I have this new app on my iPhone which tracks my movement over GPS and I want to try it out. It records distance travelled, mph and even altitude. I run from the pier to Holywell and back with a couple of brief stops. It’s just under 3 miles. Unfortunately the gps doesn’t work accurately enough at the beginning so my data isn’t right, but I’ll get the hang of it. I plan to try and run a couple of times a week at least. I’m not sure I can do the half marathon though. I am shattered at the end.

I shower and rub camomile lotion all over myself. I have been covered in insect bites for a couple of weeks now, ever since I slept in my old sleeping bag at the caravan. It’s really irritating and I want it to go away now. I spend the rest of the morning in my favourite little cafe in Terminus Road completing my curriculum vitae. It will be online, but I suppose I will have to create a hard copy one too. I text Debbie whilst there and after a while she texts back to say I can see the boys tomorrow evening. Thank God for that. It’s just constant worry all the time…will I see them, when, for how long, where, when will I see them after that?

Lunch is beans on toast. Adam texts me about 10 times a day, which is lovely of him but a little excessive. He has had beans on toast in my honour he tells me, so I return the compliment. I upload my cv from Coffee Republic and go for a long walk from the pier all the way in the other direction to the water treatment works by Sovereign Harbour. Dad calls to let me know he’ll be here around 2pm tomorrow. I want to collect the boys as soon after school as possible so he can’t be any later than that. I have to sign on tomorrow.

I’m really lonely and bored, although there’s plenty I could be doing. I need some company and if it can’t be the boys or Debbie or Kate or even Netballgirl then I suppose my dad will have to do!

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