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General Pricing

This is essentially a FREE service. As long as you pay for the race entry and make a contribution to expenses, there are no other costs involved. Of course donations are always accepted!

What’s Included

Film My Run will produce a film in 2.7k using one or two state of the art GoPro sports action cameras. The film will be professionally edited with titles, music, effects and transitions. It will last anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour depending on the race distance.

Individual – You will receive the film via online gallery and it can be downloaded for you to burn to disc or to watch on your Smartphone, computer, tablet or Smart TV.

Race Organiser – You can embed the film on your website, Facebook page or in emails without restriction.


Individual – We ask that you make a significant contribution to expenses incurred by Film My Run. These include, transport to the event, any accommodation which might be required if the event is some distance away or you require us to begin filming the night before the race. So if you want Film My Run to document your Barcelona Marathon or even your Loch Ness Marathon, you need to consider flights and hotels for one extra person. Film My Run is very happy to discuss this with you and work towards the best solution for all.

Race Organiser – Film My Run would require some contribution to expenses, particularly if your event is some distance away. We are very happy to discuss this with you in greater detail.

Race Entry

Race Organiser – Film My Run would require a free entry to your event.

Individual – Unless you want us to film you running at a parkrun event, most races will incur an entry fee (parkrun is FREE!). If you would like Film My Run to run with you to record your day you will need to pay for one extra race entry. Race entry fees vary wildly and can be as little as £10 or as much as £90 and way beyond for some Ultras and Triathlons. Generally expect to pay around £60 for a big city marathon and closer to £30 for smaller marathons.


If you would like to chat about things or you have an idea, please email


  1. Hi Stephen,
    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your running films. You really inspire me to keep going on mornings I really don’t want to get out! Following a health check last June at the age of 50, I have lost 3 1/2 stone and run a number of half marathons. I’ve signed up to run the Gloucester marathon in Aug and Birmingham in Oct (in aid of my local park). I never dreamt I would ever run a marathon, let alone 2 at the age of 51. From being an obese long term smoking couch potato, I have come along way since I started to jog back in Aug. My mind is willing, my knees less so!
    Your video’s keep me going, especially when you chat to the older runners. Great work.
    Regards Richard

  2. Madeira MIUT 2018.
    Hi Stephen,
    I live and run in Worthing so know of you from the Harriers (I run for Goring) and local races such as Sussex Trail/Centurion etc.
    I am reaching out to trail runners in the surrounding area that may/may not want to run the above race(s).
    I am currently registered and I am looking for training/race weekend individuals who may also be interested/registered.
    I am also interested to know what would be involved if you were to help film the run
    If you are or you know of anyone who may be going to the Madeira Ultra weekend (28th April 2018) I would be very keen to hear from you/them

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