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Hey, Robbins, Canaday!! Step Away from the Camera!

Barkley Marathons Cameras

I know, I am a fine one to talk. I run a website called Film My Run encouraging people to take cameras with them on their runs. I film most of my races and thoroughly enjoy doing so. But, I am not an elite athlete. I am not looking to place in the top 10 at UTMB or complete, arguably, ...

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UK Trail Race Names | Are We Just Copycats

This weekend I shall be running the Hardmoors 60 race. It’s part of the Hardmoors series which includes races from 15 to 160 miles along the North East coast. I’m very much looking forward to it. It is interesting to note, though, that whilst Hardmoors is in itself a well established and respected event, its name is intriguingly similar to ...

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Jim Walmsley | Hero of UTMB 2017

Jim Walmsley UTMB 2017

When Jim Walmsley crashed and burned at this year’s Western States, I took a lot of flak for writing this article. Not least from Eric Schranz over at the Ultra Runner Podcast and some of Jim’s own team. In fact, I had a long conversation with one of Jim’s Western States pacers. Apparently, the goal was never to win that ...

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Walmsley Blows Up Again | Western States 100 2017

I’m not sure why it annoys me so much that Jim Walmsley dropped out of Western States at 78 miles, but it does. Perhaps it’s because he is an elite athlete and I don’t expect him to make the same type of rookie mistakes the rest of us do. If you’re unfamiliar with Jim’s recent history, let me explain. Jim ...

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All Trail Runners are Liberal Lefties

All trail runners are Liberal Lefties. Yes you are and I’m going to tell you why you are and you’ll be amazed to discover that after all these years of voting Tory, you are in fact a tree-hugging Liberal Leftie of the most heinous kind. Shame on you. The Environment Let’s start with tree-hugging shall we? As an off road ...

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Stop Moaning and get Good For Age

Good For Age

Ok, stop watching Jeremy Kyle. You don’t NEED to vacuum the entire house. The kids can sort their own school uniform out. So what if the grass in the back garden is a little long? Leave it. Yes, Grace Dent is a good read but The Guardian can wait. You’re not going to die if your pants go another 24 ...

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10 Reasons Ultra Runners Love the London Marathon

London Marathon

It’s in London. Enough said already, right? I am quite frankly sick to the back teeth of arriving in some cold, damp field at 6am in some Godforsaken backwater to run 100 miles with barely more than a herd of cows to cheer me on. Where’s the Costa for my latte or the Pret for my toasted sandwich? London is ...

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Stop Pausing Your Garmin!

Pause Garmin

We’ve all done it haven’t we? You’re out for a run and you come to a road where you have to wait for the little green man before crossing. Instinctively you reach for your watch and press pause. Well, no actually. I haven’t. I have never…..ever, paused my Garmin on any run for any reason and neither should you. Allow ...

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Running Marathons is Easy

Steyning Stinger Marathon

You know it, I know it, we all know it. Running marathons is easy. We pretend it’s hard because we want to impress our friends or because we’re raising money for charity, so it has to be seen to be challenging. But the reality is, you could walk most marathons and still finish inside the cut-off time. Hard Work and ...

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How to Run a Trail Marathon

How to Run a Trail Marathon

How to Run A Trail Marathon I recently ran the Steyning Stinger trail marathon in West Sussex. Whilst running I filmed a documentary entitled How to Run A Trail Marathon. It’s a very basic guide for beginners. You can watch the film here, or you can read the script below, which I stuck to for the most part! Starting out ...

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Ten Awful Things About Running

awful things about running

Here are ten awful things about running. If you are considering taking up running or joining a running club, please let this be a warning to you. Don’t have nightmares, just be mindful that these things will happen to you at some stage. If you are put off it’s probably for the best. If you’d like ten reasons why you should run you could ...

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Ten reasons to join a running club

Join a running Club

1. Train Harder Training for a marathon, or any race, is tough and if you want to get good, you need to train harder. Join a running club and you’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone. You’ll run faster, for longer, than you ever would have on your own. 2. Motivation When it’s cold and wet outside it’s easy ...

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