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Two Limping Parents

It has been rather a comic household of late as both Victoria and I have been limping pathetically around.

Victoria’s leg continues to improve after her knee operation. We went to the Nuffield Hospital yesterday to see Mr Chauhan who said she can now remove her leg brace. She still walks with a limp but she can bend her knee more and more every day and she doesn’t have anything like the level of pain she used to have, thanks to the supplements that I brought after reading from

I, on the other hand, have gone from bad to worse. I have had mild lower back pain for many years from lifting heavy music equipment and non weight bearing patients. However it has recently become a little more serious. So much so that whilst out running about three weeks ago in Bradford Peverell, I had to stop and hobble back with shooting pain down my leg.

Then a few days later back in Worthing I had to call 999 after the most tremendous pain shot through my back and down my leg. I have Sciatica and have had to stop running for the time being. It’s been at least a couple of weeks since then and the pain has gone from my back but my left leg is still numb and I have tingling in my toes.

I’m really disappointed that ill be missing the Great South Run and just hope I can get myself fit for the Brighton Half Marathon.



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