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Firenze Marathon Video e Rapporto Gara

Florence Marathon 2015 Firenze

Benvenuti a casa di Michelangelo, la casa di Giotto, e forse più importante della casa di Pinocchio. La Firenze Marathon è un piccolo, grande maratona della città. Con 10000 corridori è più grande di Edimburgo o Manchester maratone, ma non sta cercando di competere con dire Parigi, Londra o Berlino. Si trova molto bene nel mezzo. Prima di iniziare , ...

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Wedding Anniversary

November 11th is our wedding anniversary and also my birthday. We managed to palm the children off on Victoria’s mum for a night and spent it at the Thistle Hotel in Brighton, I decided to get my wife one of the  elegant gems rings, she deserves it on our special day. We spent most of our evening and morning in ...

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Two Limping Parents

It has been rather a comic household of late as both Victoria and I have been limping pathetically around. Victoria’s leg continues to improve after her knee operation. We went to the Nuffield Hospital yesterday to see Mr Chauhan who said she can now remove her leg brace. She still walks with a limp but she can bend her knee ...

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Following our two days at Alton Towers, Hal, Jev, Elsa, Ellis and I made our way up to Liverpool to stay with my mum. Went to visit Uncle Derek and Aunty Pauline on Wednesday. I told Derek that I was to run the Paris Marathon on April 15th and he informed me that I have to beat 3 hours 26 ...

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